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Desperately seeking Timothy Gordon McMurrans family specifically his mothers family. I found his fathers family been searching for a few weeks for his mothers. here is the information I do have. Tim and I had been together 11 years. He hardly ever spoke of his family. His birth certificate lists his birthday as December 20, 1977 full name Timothy Gordon McMurran born Cambridge Ontario. I know he grew up in Banff and Canmore areas of Alberta. He mentioned his mother was a doctor. I don't know if this is correct. His fathers family seemed confused over the dates on his birth certificate which didn't list parent names and Said he never seen his father since he was little but he told me he was a pilot in the military but was actually a cook in the military. I do know her maiden name was Maureen Blundell and is likely in her 70s possibly older and I do not know if this is the name is going by. Tim was adopted. He mentioned a younger brother a few times. I believe he called Tyler. Tim got very sick very fast and passed away on November 6th of liver cancer. Not the way I wished to notify anybody but I've been searching for his family since he was hospitalized but have not been able to reach his mothers family who I believe are still living. His fathers family I reached but discovered his father passed away in 2011 something I don't think even Tim knew. If anybody has any information on who his family may be or how to reach them or someone who might. Please contact me

. Thank you

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