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 Excellent Quality  size milking goats For Sale.  

We are proud breeders of excellent quality ,standard size breeds Alpine, Lamancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sable,and Toggenburg,Boer and,the Nigerian Dwarf goats..These are healthy goats with good feet and are easy to handle.They respect goat netting fences and do not jump.Each animal has it's own file with full treatment record. Ongoing support can be provided for people who are new to goats.These are vey good quality goats .call or PM . (503)-506-7826

UTD Standard Holstein and Jersey calfs  

We are selling off our holstein and jersey calves as part of our regular first quater sell out . We also have some 70 Angus and brangus bulls available for beef . Some of the calfs have been weaned and some still on formulated milk . All cals are bedded on starw so the remain clean .We do offer follow up for first time caow buyers . We offer quick and easy delivery all regisons., contact or call or .(503)-506-7826


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